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Stericycle contracts PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT!

7th July 2016

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Stericycle contracts: Read the fine print

Dentists question business practices

June 20, 2016

By Kelly Soderlund
Hazardous waste pickup: A Stericycle truck parks in Chicago, not far from the company’s headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois. Dentists have complained to the American Dental Association that Stericycle did not specifically outline escalating fees in their contracts.

A 250 percent increase in price over seven years would probably pr

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27th January 2016

Seven years ago, then-Newberry fire chief David Rodriguez signed an agreement with Stericycle to collect medical waste such as syringes, scalpel blades, contaminated gloves and more. In 2009, the cost per pick-up was $82, but by June 2015, it ballooned to $417.52, according to the city. The new fire chief, Ben Buckner, was concerned about the cost and last summer attempted to renegotiate. By then, the Illinois-based Stericycle had stopped responding. In the months since, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi used the state’s False Claims Act to negotiate a $3.5 million settlement for local governments and agencies statewide. Newberry’s cut: $7,232.58. The city will decide Monday night whether to accept that amount or litigate its own settlement. The city commission must deposit the check by Feb. 29 or it forfeits its right to the settlement. Besides Newberry, a range of other North Central Florida governments are to receive money from Stericycle. They include Alachua County, Dixie County, Citrus County, Gilchrist County, Suwannee County Schools, Bradford County Hernando County and others, according to state records.

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11th January 2016

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Investigators in Seminole County are working to identify the source of discarded medical waste found in a wooded area in Longwood. Similar waste was found behind a dumpster at a nearby business, but Longwood police would not confirm if that was the source. The business, Florida Hospital Home Infusion, provides services including pain management and chemotherapy, the company’s website said. The Home Infusion dumpster has been broken into repeatedly, even when padlocked, a man who worked at the complex told Channel 9. No one from Home Infusion was available for comment Thursday. Florida Hospital said it follows rigorous standards for medical waste and any potentially hazardous items are taken to specialized facilities that are not accessible to the public. The waste found in the woods in Seminole County included dozens of glass vials and IV bags still containing liquid. Investigators said it could be months before the liquid in the bags and vials can be tested.

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24th November 2015

OSHA fines Boston Wyndham hotel over staff handling of medical waste BOSTON —The federal agency that polices worker safety has cited a Boston hotel for failing to protect workers when they handle bodily fluids. Workers have told 5 Investigates that they frequently encounter because the hotel is home to many patients from Massachusetts General Hospital next door. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill Hotel for not providing equipment that would protect staff from bodily fluids found on linens, towels and other locations as well as protect them from needles. The hotel housekeeping staff, which wants to unionize, has said that they were forced to clean up bodily fluids that were more like hospital waste than that of a typical hotel, saying the hotel’s proximity to Mass General led the hotel to take in guests with more medical needs than usual. The gloves provided to staff also didn’t protect adequately against the harsh cleaning chemicals used, OSHA found. OSHA also cited the hotel for not training employees on how to properly use protective gear while cleaning bodily fluids and needles. OSHA fined the hotel $12,000 and gave it until January to address the problems. The Wyndham Hotel Group did not immediately reply to a request from 5 Investigates for comment.

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28th October 2015

As part of a multistate settlement, Virginia and affected localities will receive more than $2 million to resolve claims that an Illinois-based medical waste disposal company defrauded numerous state and local agencies by imposing improper fuel charges. Virginia’s participation in the total $26.75 million settlement with Stericycle Inc. stems from allegations that the company overcharged government entities by millions of dollars and violated the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act and the false claims laws of 11 other states, the District of Columbia and the federal government. “Virginia taxpayers expect companies to play by the rules, and Stericycle violated their trust and the trust of more than 200 local and state entities in Virginia,” said Attorney General Mark R. Herring. “We will continue to work tirelessly for Virginia consumers to ensure that companies cannot profit off of taxpayer dollars through improper business tactics in the commonwealth.” Affected localities in Virginia will be notified in the coming weeks. The lawsuit alleged that Stericycle violated state and federal false-claims laws by overcharging government customers by adding fuel and energy surcharges that did not reflect actual increases in fuel and energy costs. According to the lawsuit, these increases — amounting to 18 percent every nine months — violated prices set by contracts. Calif

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