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Who We Service

We are dedicated to providing secure medical waste and compliance services such as HIPAA compliant document shredding and on-line OSHA compliance training.

Why pay so much more? Services at a fraction of the cost of the large national provider!

  • Large and Small Doctor Offices
  • Schools, Universities
  • Military and Government Facilities
  • Research Facilities
  • Drug Manufacturing Facilities
  • Funeral Homes
  • Forensics
  • Nursing Homes/Assisted Living
  • Any Patient Facilities and Clinics
  • Prisons
  • Animal Clinics
  • Sports facilities, Major Sports Teams
  • Residential Home Owners
  • Morgues
  • Hospice Facilities

Any size customer we have a service level that will provide you with the Service, Security and Savings that you deserve!

Hospitals & Medical Centers

hospitalWhether you are a large hospital or small dental practice Secured Med Waste understands your needs and the regulations that all medical service providers face. Our experience, expertise and dedication to service is what makes Secured Med Waste the only choice for protecting your businesses liabilities and expenses. While your operating expenses for medical services continue to soar it becomes even more important that you receive the value for medical waste collection and HIPAA compliant document shredding services 

 Schools & Universities

governmentEducational facilities, whether public or private, small or large need to provide medical waste solutions and HIPAA compliant document shredding services for staff and students. Secured Med Waste offers at (no charge) to all of our customers consulting services to ensure compliance and efficiency. Our focus is properly managing your medical waste needs in the most economical and secure way. As a partner, we will ensure that your compliance is met and a program tailored to meet the needs of your establishment are achieved. Secured Med Waste will give you peace of mind and the security that you deserve. 

Professional Sports Teams

sports Secured Med Waste recognizes the needs of small quantity generators such as Sports teams and fitness centers. Regulations and compliance are easily met with a medical waste disposal policy. A company who has over 30 years of experience in designing specialized plans for the destruction and disposal of sensitive wastes and information for a wide range of clients is a must for protecting your any organizations’ liabilities. With our vast experience we give our customers value added services with peace of mind without paying ridiculous high rates. A company with experience and a proven track record in handling all sensitive waste types is who Secure Med Waste has become. As regulations increase and the cost of services continue to soar it becomes even more important to have Secured Med Waste as a partner in managing your medical waste needs.

Government Facilities

collegeSecured Med Waste offers a wide range of services to all government facilities. We service military bases and government offices of all sizes. We have been trusted to service the most secure government establishments in the area. We believe our customers deserve the reliability, compliance and savings when managing and implementing services for their medical waste disposal needs. Secured Med Waste has earned the reputation for being the provider of choice when providing services to the very discrete and confidential establishments in government.